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Painless Root Canals

• We utilize cutting edge technology with an emphasis on minimally invasive and painless dentistry which preserves your teeth and maximizes your comfort.
1. Digital X-rays for instant confirmation and accurate diagnoses
2. Apex locators for accurate length measurements Advanced E and Q Master Cordless Gutta Purcha Obturator for homogenous 3D packing resulting in improved and long-lasting sealing of the canal
3. Rotary endodontic technologies that allow for a SINGLE SITTING Endodontic (root canal) treatment for MULTIPLE (decayed or fractured) teeth
• We know that advanced technology minimizes complications and therefore the need for repeat root canal treatments.
• We offer Revision Endodontics (re-treatment where necessary) with a very high success rate for patients who have been treated elsewhere.

Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is carried out to repair and restore a tooth which has been badly decayed or infected and comes under a branch of dentistry called as Endodontics. The RCT actually focuses towards elimination of any infection to the Pulp Chamber of the tooth. Root Canal Treatment is the last option to save the tooth failing which the tooth has to be extracted. After the RCT the tooth is basically dead as the entire pulp inside the tooth is removed and filled with an inert material.

When is RCT Required?

When tooth decay occurs and is detected, a normal filling procedure is carried out. However, if this tooth decay is not detected, it progresses to deeper layers and finally reaching the pulp chamber. When the tooth decay reaches the Pulp chamber, there is no alternative but to perform a Root Canal Treatment. This is because, the infection in the pulp chamber must be removed else it will progress further.
An X-ray will be taken to examine your tooth and detect the presence of infection in the surrounding bone.
• The area surrounding the tooth is numbed using a local anesthetic which desensitizes the patient to any pain.
• The tooth to be worked upon is isolated by placing a rubber dam around it.
• The drill is employed to make an access hole to the pulp chamber and the pulp along with decayed tissue and debris is removed. The entire pulp chamber including the root canals is cleaned and disinfected.
• If the Root Canal Treatment is to be spread over multiple visits and some dentists prefer this, the empty pulp chamber is filled with disinfecting agent. This is covered by a temporary filling which is removed in subsequent visits and replaced by a permanent filling.
• The next step is filling of the pulp chamber with an inert material as the tooth is effectively dead. Gutta percha (along with Zinc Oxide eugenol) is generally used to fill the empty pulp chamber and root canals.
• A permanent filling (similar to the filling for treating cavities) is carried out on the tooth and a crown is placed over the tooth. A crown is required in most cases as the tooth becomes brittle due to absence of pulp.
If your RCT procedure is spread over more than one appointment, minimize the chewing on the affected tooth till the procedure is entirely completed. This will prevent recontamination of the pulp chamber and will also reduce the risk of fracturing or damaging your tooth.

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