Happy patients | Wonder Smile Clinic

Happy patients

Dear Doctor
I would like to thank you very much for the amazing job.
Dental treatment was never so enticing for me before i entered your clinic.
I have had the best experience with you.
Thanks a ton………

Mr Stephen English.
Designing Team.

Dear Dr. Khatri , Mrs. Khatri

Greetings !

A big Thank you from bottom of my Heart to you both and your team.
The journey towards making my SMILE more smarter and helping me aligning my teeth, has really given me a huge satisfaction.
Even thought the last 17 months were not easy to pass on due to the treatment but yesterday the end has given me a new beginning for better tomorrow.

I was impressed and equally happy the way you handle your patient / people. The process and system in your clinic.

My Best Wishes to Wonder Smile Team.

God bless you with Happiness, Success & Prosperity.

Warm Regards

Tushar Shirsath


Snehal Karwa

From: Snehal Karwa Tue, 2 Jul ’13 11:53a
To: drjaykhatri@rediff.com

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your wishes.

Thank you for the changes made in my teeth structure and because of that in my personality
I could never laugh freely amongst people.

Now the case is it gives me a lots of confidence while laughing and talking freely.

Its like my dream has come true.

Thanks a lot Jay Sir,

CA Snehal Karwa

Bhushan Pradhan

From: Bhushan Pradhan Sat, 6 Jul ’13 11:53a
To: drjaykhatri@rediff.com

I am very happy being associated with Wonder Smile.
Had a very pleasing experience with the entire team.

Bhushan Pradhan




             Rutuja Bhosale   ( 22/01/13)

I thank you very much to make my mothers teeth so good , now she can smile with confidence .

Thank you very much .




             Mr S.D.Thorve  (23/02/13)

I am very happy about the way my daughter Sushmita’s treatment has progressed .

We have noted a drastic change in her  profile . Everybody has been complimenting  about her smile .




           Mrs Ujwala Powar (mother)

Thanks for making my daughters  teeth look  so good and beautiful .  she can now smile, laugh and talk confidently .

As a parent I was always anxious about her  smile and  once she had permanent  teeth popping out ,it just made me more worried

It was only Dr Khatris  efforts and  confidence that brought that positive  vibe back in me .

Thank you so much  Sir .




             Daniel Locke :

Good dental practice, I am satisfied with the work I have had so far.

Clean environment and friendly staff.

Thank you



             Mahek Jamtani :

I am Happy about my decision on choosing Wonder Smile Clinic for my treatment.

Thank you so much.



            Shikha Gupta : 

Awesome experience

Dr. Jay Khatri is amazing with kids.



                Tejal Jagad :

Thank you for bringing back my smile after the accident trauma.

My case was indeed complex, but Dr. Khatri’s candid approach

about what can be fixed and what cannot made me more comfortable.

I also want to pass my compliments to Mrs. Khatri. she is light on hands and just does beautiful work on the teeth. Special compliments to the staff and full Wonder Smile team – they actually make the experience more comfortable and hospitable.

Good Luck team. . . !

Wish you great success and I will definitely pass my recommendations to Wonder Smile Clinic.

Thank You.




           Krishna Bharadwaj :

It is a wonderful experience to bring back my sons tooth completely in level.

Dr has amazing patience while treating.

Thanks for co-operation.




          Monika Mahendra : 

Nice helpful staff  and Doctors .

We are happy and comfortable to come here.



         Gaurav Bihani :

It was wonderful experience.

Though the treatment was long but I am overall happy and satisfied with the results / treatment.

Thank You.



             Vani Tyagi :

Thank You so much for handling my princes so well.



            Aparna Joshi :

Thanks for my dental treatment. It was done very well.

Now I Feel much better.



             Manju Menon :

Very much impressed with my daughters root canal.

The Doctor was very gentle.

My filling was also done very well.

We would recommend Wonder Smile to our Friends and family of course.

All the members are always very good and caring.

Thank You.




             Shashank Jain :

Really very happy to have my treatment here.

Staff is very co-operative and helpful.

A big thanks to Dr. Musarrat She is very polite and humble.




            Ashish Bagde :

Really nice service and staff is very helpful.

Very professional behaviour.

Very satisfied with treatment and service.

Keep up the best service.

Thank you.




                          Vijyeta Atharwar:

I am really satisfied with the treatment, I feel happy and thankful whenever I look at the mirror.

Now my hands are free when I smile and laugh.

The Clinic Really deserves the name “WONDER SMILE”

Lucky was the day, when I was surfing over internet and come to know about this clinic.

My over all experience was fantastic, some times I miss those weekends, when I have spent a lot of time waiting.

Yes I enjoyed that too.

Last but not the least, Staff is good, helpful and kind.

Its a tough job they are doing to manage a big crowd.




                   Vinaya C Pawar :

Hi, Its Vinaya.

It was Wonderful experince with Dr. Jay.

My tooth looks like Diamond now, as said by doctor himself.

Thank you for transforming my smile, YAAY !!!!!

And also staff was very helpful and polite.

So keep it up guys, you have lot to do !!!




                      Nimisha :

It has been a nice experience overall.

Dr Jay is very experienced it seems.

And I am really happy that it all went very well,

And as he had mentioned that the treatment was going to take 1 & a half year, it was in time.

Thanks a lot.




           Monika Bhuktar :

Dear Jay Sir,

I am very satisfied with this treatment.

My friend suggested this clinic saying that it is really good and give painless treatment.

Doctors are really good and avoid unnecessary treatments.

Other dentist have suggested surgery but here I have got the treatment done without surgery and without pain.

I am very Happy with ” WONDER SMILE CLINIC”.



              Athira Shivankutty :

I started my first visit to Wonder Smile Clinic just out of curiosity.

I had already read some revieves online and having visited a number of clinics before, decided to give this one a try.

After the initial consultation and advice, I decided to go ahead with the treatments.

Since I already knew what to expect I was prepared for the road ahead.

The treatments included fillings, root cannal, retraction and braces.

After everything was finished, I got implants done.

The total duration was for over 1 year.

During this time I found the staff And Dr. Jay Khatri very helpfull as well as co-operative.

I have been to clinics before where doctors have openly repressed their displeasure if I was not able to make it to scheduled appointments.

While this is understandable, it would have been better on their part if they showed some sympathy towards the patients as well which I found at Wonder Smile.

I am quite satisfied with the service and treatments provided.

Keep up with the good work and make people smile every day.

All The Best . . . . ! ! ! !



           Clarence D’silva :

It was really excellent experince over here.

You and your team was like family members to me and Chris.

Your atmosphere was so cordial that we never felt like patients anytime.

Very happy to visit you.

I wish you sir that god will give you all strength and resources to serve the society for long long time.

Thank You So Much.



                     Neha Jangada:

It Was a very nice experince in getting my tooth removed.

I was very scared about it but with no pain and instantly it was extracted.

Amazing Job Done.




                Suresh Rajbhoj:

Dear Jay Sir,

I am So happy after completion of the treatment.

All my friends are complementing me for the same.

Its all because of you.

The speed braces were really great to complete the treatment so early . I really feel happy and confident.
Last but not the least every member of your team is supportive and helpful.

So Thank You Very Much once again Jay Sir and Team.



            Dave Halle:

Very impressed with the quality of my treatment and

Professionalism of all the staff.

Thank You.



              Lce Rees:

Very Pleased with my treatment and the after care advice given



               Gourab Haoladar

I am satisfied with the quality of the treatment and the cordial

behavior of the staff members of the clinic.

I would recommend a visit to anyone with a dental problem.

A Big Thank You ! !


            Neha Fere:

Wonderful, Nice treatment.

Thanks For all your efforts.

Helpful and co-operative staff.

Thank you. . . .    !!



             Curtis Holloway:

I am thankful for the staff here At Wonder Smile.

Being a visitor for the first time from the U S.

I Was a little nervous But everyone Was very professional.



           Pratiksha P Sonawane : 

I am Satisfied & happy After completed this treatment.

Dentist & all staff of clinic are very helpful.


   Thank You



             Shreekala Undare:

I am really happy by looking into mirror.

This change only happened due to Dr. Khatri.

I am really satisfied with all the treatment which look almost 1 year.

Thanks to all staff and Wonder Smile.


                  Rekha Biradar: 21/1/17

I am Rekha Biradar my experience in wonder smile is very nice excelent treatment I got.

I would like to give reference to my friends also.

Thank you so much.

All the best to all staff of Wonder Smile.

My smile is really ” WONDER” now.

Special Thanks to Dr. Khatri , Imran , & Jyoti sis. . . . .



        Aarti Agale:

Many year experience.

I am always satisfied.

My whole family is attach with Dr. Jay Khatri.

I Trust. . .



           Phebie Rodrigues:

Very happy about the result.

I am really satisfied with the treatment which took almost a year but it was worth it.

Thank you so much. . . . .

I hope I can smile Confidently now. . . .  .

God Bless . . .  . . !!!




                   Sanober Khaku : 14/2/17


Very happy and satisfied with the result made me feel very confident after the result.

All thanks To Dr. Jay and his wonderful staff who did my treatment with almost care and patience.




                    Mamta & Samvit Varma : 16/2/17

Me my wife took the treatment we both are happy with the end results.

Thank You Very Much for your dedication.

We definetly going to refer my family & friends for any kind of treatment.

Thank You Once Again . . . . . . !!!



          Shilpa Kulkarni : (28/2/17)

I am so happy for my treatment.

Thank You For Your co-opration.




           Simran Telugu: (1/3/17)

Good treatment with good assistant supportive

Flexible with appointment and nominal charges.




              Nikin Yemulwar: (2/3/17)

I am very satisfied with this treatment.

Very Nice service.

I have no issue now.

Staff People is also good.




              Bhavya Bharti: (2/3/17)

I have been here so many times . . . .

Mr. Khatri is too good in his job.

He is very gentle and friendly & treats patients very well.

I am visiting here since last Four years & never have any issue with my treatment. . .

I will highly recommend him and thanks him.

All the staff members here are also very co-operative and supportive.

Thanks once again to all . . . . ! ! !



                Vilas Jankar : 4/4/17

Very Nice Service

My Vilas Jankar service is very nice

Doctor And Staff behavior is also very good.

They are providing time to time service


Thanks . . . .  .



          Sandip Jadhav : (15/4/2017)

My name is Sandip Jadhav. . .

My overall experience with Wonder Smile Clinic has been wonderful.

I would recommend some improved in waiting time for each patient.

Overall Staff is very friendly And Co operative. . . . . .

Thank You . . . . . !



             Mahesh Ghodke : (19/4/2017)

My name is Mahesh Ghodke.

It was a wonderful experince helping me to make my smile wonder.

It was a painful treatment but it didn’t matter because of the doctor  guidnence and About off Staff Members.

Thank You . . . . . . .  !!!!



          Anjali Jadhav : (24/4/2017)

My name is Anjali Jadhav.

I am very happy with my treatment.

Doctor Is very helpful.

I like to recomend  to others too.

Thank You . . . . . . !!!!



         Hitasha Patil : 28/4/2017

My Name is Hitasha Patil I am very hppy with my treatment.

I come on reccommendation and I will reccommend him to friends.




             Nidhi Dange : 5/5/2017

The treatment done by Dr Khatri was flawles a job, I thought which was impossible was done very efficiently.

I had a wonderful experince. The staff is very friendly. They are always ready to help you.

Hands on the best doctor and best staff.





              Joel : 

The treatment done by Dr khatri was very nice.

The staff members along with the doctor were very good and co-operative and are also quoiet friendly.

Thank you Doctor . . . . . . !!!




                    Priya Goel :  19/5/17

I am very happy with my treatment Dr Jay Khatri is a very nice doctor and staff also is very good friendly and co-operative.




                 Tejas Chilkapure : 23/5/17


Firstly, I just cnt believe that the treatment is over ie it went very smooth with no pain at all.

I am really glad that I choose Wonder Smile Clinic for my braces treatment.

Also the co-operation and environment in the clinic is amazing that it given a homely feelings.

Thank You so much all of you inclusive every staff member for making the journey wonderful and smoothing.



                   Yukta Kakade : 25/5/2017

I feel awesome with my look first i was very afraid of the treatment,

But the doctor and staff were very kind and generous.

It look almost one and half year for treatment,

but i feel that i had started a month before only.

Now i feel very confident with my new look.

Thank You Very Much for taking care.




                  Dipti Sharma : 5/5/2017


Iam rembering  my first look how it was.

It bring directly smile onmy face.

Thank You So Much now it feel great to have such a teeth.

And finally my treatment is over.

Thank you so much for this wonderful change of my teeth.




                  Tarun Reddy : (10/6/17 )


I am Patients mother.

My boy had an tooth alignment  problem.

He was 8 yrs 9 month when i approached the doctor.

I was very happy with the way I was guided, and there is no looking back.

He is 9 yrs old now and he has a perfect tooth alignment that reflect in his smile.

Thank You . . .




               Jyoti Karale : ( 12/6/17 )


I am very happy And satisfied for my treatment.

Heartly, Thankful To Dr. Jay Khatri & their Staff.

Very friendly and co-operative staff And doctors also.

   THANK YOU . . . . ! ! ! 




           Bhushan Gite : 20/6/17


It was great experience for me.

Thank You Doctor for giving nice treatment to me.




                Simran Vohra: 21/6/17


It was a amazing experience with Dr Jay as the treatment was completely painless.

Co-operation was given by every staff.

Unbelievably treatment got over in the given timing.

Thank You Doctor & Every Staff member.

WITH A WIDE SMILE SIMRAN . . . . . ! ! !



              Chirag Jaladi : 15/6/17


Getting braces in wonder smile was a great experience !

the treatment was good and the only thing i did’nt like much was the extraction of my teeth.

the doctor and staff were very kind wich ensured all the procedures went smoothly.

The facilities were awesome too!!

Thanks Again For everything. . . . .  !!!!!!!!

Got braces fixse for my son Chirag.

The doctor was just thinking today, ‘He has happy Staff’.

Imran has been very helpful. will be bringing  my daughter as well.

Thanks A Lots. . . .

A very hygenic environment. . . !!!!




          Jayashree Shinde : (21/6/17)


Got my braces done here.

I must say,I am quite happy with my treatment.

The rates are less than half of what the other doctors charge.

However quality is not compromised.

The treatment was very hygienically done.

My treatment lasted around 7 to 8 months other doctor said it would take around one and half years.

Thank You for the quick treatment.



           Priya Goel: (22/6/17)


Got my braces done here.

very happy with the treatment.

Got my Wonder Smile Thank You. . . . . . . . !!!!


             Rohit Kurhade : (26/6/17)


Got my braces done here.

Am very happy with my treatment.

Got very good treatment.

I also recommend to friend for dental treatment.

Only one request from me, please provide more sitting arrangment for queue.

I will always touch with doctor and clinic.

Got my smile from here, Thank You everyone.



             Neha Tambe : (23/6/17)


I really liked the Rx given Dr Jay Khatri. Doctor is very polite & gentle.

I really Appreciate the whole staff.

They are very humble and have patience in handling patients.

I will truly recommend to other people for their clinic.

Thank You. . . . . . . .  !!!!!!!!!!!!



        Mayuri Chhajed : (8/7/17)


I am really very happy.

It was wonderful experience.

Dr Jay is very good doctor.

Thank You . . . . . !




     Supriya Kosare : (8/7/17) 


Best Doctor for the patients.

Like me who has dentist phobia.

Thank You Dr Musarrat.



                 Reena Rai: (10/7/17)

First time experience was good.

Cavity filling was done by doctor very well.

Thank You Dr Jay.




            Nupur Pande (13/7/17)


Overall Treatment was good and fast.

Staff is Calm and helpful.

Overall good experience.

Thank You. . . . !!!




                 Ramya Rao : (14/7/17)

I have been under going orthodontic treatment for my diastema.

I was not confident enough with my smile and used to get socially conscious.

Being a dental student, I wished  for a perfect dentition and to be confident enough to interact with everyone my batchmate who had already been treated.

Under Dr. Khatri had suggested me to go get it fixed .

I had started my treatment on 4th feb 2016.

Dr. Khatri is a very calm and composed Doctor.

I was not at all nervous and underwent my treatment.

Very efficient and fast.

The staff here at work are really very good and co-operative.

I never faced any problems or any pain while my treatment was going on.

And yes it is cost effective too.

Thanks Dr. Khatri and whole of the staff to help me and bring a confident smile on my face.

Quite Satisfied With the out come.




              Manisha Gupta :(15/7/17)

Very good experience in both treatment and in the manner the whole case was handled.

Staff is very co-operative will surely recommend to others.




         Vaishali Ashok Gaikwad : (18/7/17) 


Hospital service is very beautiful.

very good services and co-operatively staff.

I like service.

Thank You So Much. . . . !!!!!



                   Dhanashree Botre : (18/7/17)

Very good experience in treatment.

hospital services is also good.

Thank You So Much.



               Aishwarya Sahoo (25/7/17)


I am very happy with my treatment.

I always wanted a beautiful and ideal smile.

Now I am feeling good and more confident.

Dr. Jay Khatri sir and staffs did really a amazing job.

Staffs here are very friendly.

Fast service nice clinical set up.

Thumbs up to great work.

Keep making everyone beautiful and confident.





                      Ujwal Vilas Hanchate : (29/7/17)


Its an beautiful hospital I made undergone with treatment of fixing braces on my teeth with less pain.

Dr. Jay sir is amazing person.

He just not treat on patients he feel us like I am a family member.

After my treatment my life changes.

Now I can smile and laugh in public with confident

Which I could do earlier BIG THANKS to Dr Jay sir for bringing back my life and confidence.

I personally reccommend to my family and friends for treatment In a WONDER SMILE. . . . .




             Pramoda Nanda : 15/8/2017


It is a wonderful hospital,

The doctor is very proficient.

The process of the treatment is also very good.

good care is taken of the patient thronghout the treatment.

I would personally recomment this clinic to my friends, in case of any dental issues.

THANK YOU . . . . !!!!!!!!!!!




         Mrunal Sawale : 19/8/2017


It was a nice experience.

I received a very good treatment from wonder smile clinic.

I would suggest this clinic to my family members and friends.

Thanks to Dr. Jay Khatri for making my smile good.

I am satisfied with the treatment I received.

Thanks once again to Dr. Jay Khatri and WONDER SMILE staff.




                   Sonali Deokar :

My name is Dr Sonali & I have been taking treatment here since 2 years.

All Staff and Doctors are really Wonderful same as the name of the clinic “WONDER SMILE” .

Thank You . . . .! ! !



                 Narayani Gupta :

My daughter got trestment and we found Dr Khatris treatment very good and satisfactony.

Though as parents we were having fear of pain to my daughter but the treatment was so good that my daughters treatment done with very less pain.

Thanks Doctor



              Santosh Nagare :

I am Santosh Nagare mya mother Mrs Vimal Nagare under going teeth bridge filling.

Overall Experince is very good excllent support from staff.

I specially appriciat Dr Musarrat Khatri Mam for dedications towards the work with pleasant nature.

All n All WONDER SMILE is the best teeth clinic in PCMC zone.

Thanks For such a wonderful work with WONDER SMILE.




                         Komal Dudhavat :

It Has been nice experience here.

I feel like  Dr Khatri is our family doctor.

The overall enviorment there is good friendly & positive.




              Diksha Tripathi :

I am very happy with my new smile.

Awesome staff they are very co-operative.

It was a very smooth treatment.

Thank You So Much. . . . .




                  Ankita Saxena :

It has been a nice expreince here.

All staff are very supportive sometime it become mismanagable but they co-operate with us.

Appointments got on time which made my treatment little last.

Dr Khatri’s treatment is very good and the behaviour to explain the problem is very nice.

As it is long term treatment sometime I had to wait long to get my number.

If possible please extend the area for sitting.

At last thanks so much Dr Khatri To make my smile so nice and satisfied.




                       Anwesha Rath’s Father :

We are very happy about treatment and improvements in Anwesha’s teeth alighments.

Dr Khatri is very profesional and explained things well and I will strongly recommend any ortho patients to him.






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Ph: 9422011253, 9890373745, 27352000, 32324000.