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Assess Your Smile

Q. Are your two upper front teeth too long or too wide ?

Q. Do you observe any spaces between your front teeth ?

Q. Do you Notice any stains on your teeth ?

Q. In a broad smile, are any of your teeth of a different colour ?

Q. Are any of your front teeth overlapping each other ?

Q. Do any of your front teeth ‘stick out’ ?

Q. Are your lower six front teeth crooked and uneven in appearance ?

Q. If there are any fillings in your front teeth, are they of a different colour then your natural teeth ?

Q. Do your crows/fillings/laminates look artificial ?

Q. When you smile broadly, do you feel that too much of your gums show ?

Q. Do you see or feel a “V” like erosion on the necks of any of your teeth ?

Q. Do your gums curve around your teeth in any other shape than a ‘half moon shape’ ?

Q. Do you feel your gums are red and swollen ?

Q. Do you get conscious while smiling naturally or while smiling for photograph for any reason ?

Q. Do you feel your smile appears unaesthetic for other reason ?

If you have answered a ‘YES’ to any of the above the questions you could consider visiting an aesthetic dentist for a smile design consultation.

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